Policy on Returns and Exchanges

In the rare circumstance where a product is received in a condition perceived to be defective or damaged, it is imperative that Becky Lawton Prints is notified in writing within 24 hours following the receipt of the product. The item in question must be returned to Becky Lawton Prints within 7 days subsequent to issuing such notification. Any lapse in reporting within the designated period will be interpreted as your acknowledgment of the product’s pristine condition. All returned items will undergo a thorough inspection by Becky Lawton Prints before any decisions regarding exchanges or refunds are made. Subject to legal constraints, refunds will not be issued for defects deemed rectifiable.

To qualify for a return or exchange, the following criteria must be met:

Initiate communication with Becky Lawton Prints to express the desire and rationale for the return via email to within 24 hours post-delivery.
Ensure the product is returned in its original state (unaltered and undamaged), along with any accompanying certificates and documentation, within a 7-day window for European clients and a 14-day period for international clients from the date of notification.
Include the original invoice that identifies the purchase with the returned product.
In situations where legislation restricts the ability to exclude, limit, or modify the guarantee of implied conditions or obligations, Becky Lawton Prints, to the fullest extent permitted by law, confines its liability for any such claims to one of the following options, at its discretion:

Replacement of the goods or provision of equivalent goods;
Repair of the goods;
Compensation equivalent to the cost of repairing or replacing the goods, or acquiring equivalent goods.

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